Photo Gallery

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Old Man WoundedBurning T-34 at Russkitiski, RussiaCoronel Mercedes
SMG group returning after battlePorta & Sven behind the SMG'sBehind Russian lines, Veli Luki, Russia
Sven Sitting on a conquered French tank, 1940Soldiers in a trench, RussiaRussian prisoners
wounded in battlePress conference in Spain in the SixtiesBook signing, Spain
A bookstore display in DenmarkBoog signing in the UKAn older publicity poster by publishing house Corgi
An older illustrated book cover of Legion of the DamnedArticle in Stag magazine, September 1957continued-article from Stag Magazine, September 1957continued-article from Stag Magazine, September 1957continued_article from Stag Magazine, September 1957Flame thrower
Second platoon on a Panther at Malmedy, Ardennes in 1944Training with a P3 in Paderborn, Germany. Old Man is in the first tank and Sven in the second.Sven on a P3 in Donetz, Ukraine
Old Man and Sven in their Tiger in the Ardennes, 1944Tinycongregation
Panther IVSven in the turret of a Panther in Bjelgurod, Ukraine32small